Atmospheric Optics

The one of a kind optical properties of the climate cause an extensive variety of marvelous optical wonders. The blue shade of the sky is an immediate consequence of Rayleigh disseminating which diverts higher recurrence (blue) daylight once more into the field of perspective of the onlooker. Since blue light is scattered more effectively than red light, the sun goes up against a rosy tint when it is seen through a thick environment, as amid a dawn or dusk. Extra particulate issue in the sky can disseminate distinctive hues at various points making beautiful gleaming skies at nightfall and first light. Dissipating off of ice precious stones and different particles in the environment are in charge of radiances, glimmers, crowns, beams of daylight, and sun pooches. The variety in these sorts of wonders is because of various molecule sizes and geometries.

1.       Mirages

2.       Temperature Inversion

3.       Novaya Zemlya Effect

4.       Fata Morgana

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