The term biophotonics signifies a blend of science and photonics, with photonics being the science and innovation of age, control, and location of photons, quantum units of light. Photonics is identified with gadgets and photons. Photons assume a focal part in data advancements, for example, fiber optics the way electrons do in gadgets. Biophotonics can likewise be depicted as the "improvement and utilization of optical procedures, especially imaging, to the investigation of organic atoms, cells, and tissue". One of the primary advantages of utilizing optical strategies which make up biophotonics is that they save the honesty of the organic cells being inspected. Biophotonics has along these lines turn into the set up general term for all methods that arrangement with the collaboration between organic things and photons. This alludes to outflow, location, retention, reflection, change, and the making of radiation from biomolecular, cells, tissues, living beings and biomaterials. Territories of use are life science, medication, agribusiness, and natural science. Like the separation amongst "electric" and "gadgets", a distinction can be made between applications, which utilize light, for the most part, to exchange vitality by means of light (like Therapy or medical procedure) and applications which energize matter through light and exchange data back to the administrator (like diagnostics). By and large, the term biophotonics just alludes to in the second case.


1.       Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics

2.       Neurophotonics, Neurosurgery and Optogenetics

3.       Clinical Technologies and Systems

                  4.       Nano-Biophotonics

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