Microwave Photonics

Microwave photonics is an interdisciplinary area. that studies the interaction between microwave and. optical signals, for applications such as broadband wireless. access networks, sensor networks, radar, satellite communications, instrumentation, and warfare systems. The optoelectronic systems make the transmission and processing of microwave signals, while the development of high-capacity optical communication systems has required the use of microwave techniques in optical transmitters and receivers.

1.   Components for Analog Systems

2.   Subsystems for Signal Processing (including photonic filtering, analog-to-digital converters                  and digital-to-analog converters)

3.   Photonic Signal Generation for Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Applications

4.   Microwave Photonic and Radio-over-fiber Subsystems (including high-performance photonic               links, up- and down-conversion techniques, and novel encoding and decoding techniques)