Optics & Lasers in Medicine

There are some surgical operations that are perplexing to perform with the conventional scalpel. Initial tribulations with laser beam showed that a finely focused beam from a carbon dioxide gas laser could cut through human tissue effortlessly and orderly. The surgeon could direct the beam from any angle by utilizing a mirror affixed on a movable metal arm. Consequently, now a day’s laser beam is the most desirable implement which is utilized as a standby for the conventional blade to perform arduous surgeries. Lasers were considered as most efficacious in operating on components that are facile to reach areas on the body's exterior, including the auditory perceivers, skin, mouth, ocular perceivers and nasal discerner. But in recent years medicos have established the remarkable progress in emerging laser techniques for use in internal exploration and surgery. For illustration, lasers are gradually used to emaculate plaque from people's arteries.

1.      Medical Diagnosis

2.      Photodynamic Therapy.

3.      Laser Surgery

4.      Endovenous Laser Therapy

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